Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mr. Cactus + A Giveaway

I got this dress a few days ago from OASAP I know I have to have it because I always have a thing for unique details. The cactus design adds a fun and whimsical zing to the dress. Isn't it cool Oasap always offers magical fashion pieces! It's something you won't see on mall clothing racks! The print also reminds me of own my Mr. Cactus plant who died 2 days ago awwww ok, I blame myself for watering him too much and not getting too much sun because of the recent rainy weather.

But on the bright side along this outfit post is a Birthday giveaway for you dear readers Yay! 1 Lucky winner will get this Cactus print dress courtesy of my blog "A Not So Secret Life" and Oasap

Just follow the Rafflecopter Below.
Giveaway will end on  my birthday August 1, 2014 
Winner will be announce via my Facebook Page so be sure to hit the like button.

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Good Luck Everyone =)

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Cheap Women Shoes by TB Dress

Happy Monday everyone I hope everyone is starting their week with a kick. I'm here once more with another shoe post from TB Dress. I'm sure everyone is aware of Sophia Webster's Butterfly shoe collections! And oh, I totally fall in love with it. Who doesn't, right? The butterfly gave a diversely twist to the shoes. 

Good thing though that we all can have that butterfly styled shoes and well in a much lesser price thanks to TB Dress for offering cheap women shoes.
What do you think? Below are some of the cheap shoes you can find at TB Dress and by the way they are currently having a 75% OFF!!
So grab that chance now.

Shoe Link HERE

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Touch of Sunshine

Today's outfit is inspired by the rainy day here in the Philippines. Exactly the opposite right?. While other countries are enjoying the sun kissed summer, here we are poured with extremely strong winds and rain. So, I was thinking why not emulate summer through my outfit? 

This black and yellow cut out Strappy Dress from Oasap did the trick coupled it with a yellow stiletto and a yellow feather dangling earrings. Now that's a little sunshine there. 

What do you think of this cut out dress? Spill your thoughts on the comment box below =)

Grab the Look:

Dress: Oasap link HERE
Shoes: Lovely Shoes link HERE
Earrings: Local Philippines Store

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Cute Flat Shoes from TB Dress

Good day everyone today we're gonna talk again about shoes!!!!! What better way to start a new week? Of course, start it with something you love... awww let's not deny the fact that we ladies are just so into with shoes... A pair is not enough for us right? As the famous Marilyn Monroe quote says " Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world" it's so true a comfortable shoes play the role with having a good day.

And speaking of comfortable - we all settle for flat shoes whenever we want to be as cozy as we want to be. Especially, if we are bound to take more errands in a day. Flat shoes come in different styles it can be a sneaker, ballet shoes, or sandals. The list could go on.  

If you are looking for cheap flat shoes I could always recommend TB Dress. I've talk about this online shop way before. Because Honestly, They are amazing, you can check their flat shoes on the link below.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Cheap Pumps

Court shoes or pumps have been one of the shoes that every woman adore. There is no denying the truth that it is a must have in every shoe rack. It can go with any dress code from classy to street style.  

In TB Dress
you can find all styles of Pumps from close to peep toe, plain or printed. With a price that is within your means. For shoe lovers rejoice! For this is one online store that guarantees to give you one of a kind pumps for women that totally fits your budget.

Not sure if they proffer the best designs? check the beautiful collection below. And oh by the way they are currently on 75%OFF sale so be sure to grab the chance while it lasts.
Shoe Link HERE

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Something to Go For

It's rainy season in the Philippines Yay! That's why I am very thankful with http://www.gobuu.com/ for sending me this this high cut wedge sneakers, it kept my feet warm. It's something to go in the rainy season.

Honestly, speaking, I am no fan of this type of shoes because I've always been  the lady like type. I would always opt for flats, wedge and sometimes go for heel and rubber shoes have always been a last option for me. But these shoes are exceptional!! Seeing it for the first time at GoBuu I immediately desire for it. Who doesn't? Just look how cool it is second, it's versatile, you can wear it with almost anything from shorts to pants and in my case I wore it with a dress and 3rd it's very comfortable!! 

And what thing I love about GoBuu is the fast shipment I got this item 5 days after I place my order. Amazing huh?
Something about Gobuu Gobuu.com is a global online fashion wholesale company. They are a leading online wholesale supplier of women's clothing. They are committed to provide a one stop wholesale and retail service for our customers all over the world with a wide range of high quality, trendy fashion clothing at a favorable price. From 2008 to now, we have been supplying goods to more than 100 fashion dress wholesale customers worldwide and take note They offer the cheapest price!

What I'm wearing

Shoes from Gobuu item link HERE
Dress: Thrifted
Necklace: From Thailand
Military Vest: from sister's closet
Bag: From Japan

Oh by the way, for Fashion Bloggers GoBuu has something cool prepared for you =).. Curios? then see it HERE

Friday, July 4, 2014

Heartbreak will make you Better

I’m not penning this post because I am heartbroken but I miss writing stuffs like this and for a reason that I have a lot of things in my mind lately that I wanted to share to the world and it’s this one topic that first came into mind while dressing up this morning. 

HEARTBREAKS! We all go through this and the pain that one has to endure while still on the process is nothing quite like it is in the world. There would always be a huge hole that we feel no one and nothing can fill up the void. 

Every single day we bear to carry the loneliness, the dull pain until it became so excruciating and suffocating that we wanted to bust loose from its gnawing claws. But how can we exactly do that? When every nanosecond we think about our lost love, that same love we deem will last forever?  Heartbreak has the capacity to turn someone cynical and cold. Then we through that junction of swearing never to love again. But with every heartache comes priceless lessons in life. It’s hard to admit, but getting your heart broken is one of the most agonizing ways to learn how to truly live and love. You know why? Because it will burn you, crash you but will make you the strongest and wisest person you could ever be. It will help you recognize the strength you have within, you will have a central vision instead of a peripheral vision of the world. You will eventually grow and realize that Loving yourself first is always the best option. agree?