Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Plus Size Wedding Dress

Fashion without limit! That is one thing that TB Dress imply when they come up with their collections of have developed a high class and perfectly designed wedding dress for every bride to be. One doesn't have to deal with the ordeal of finding the perfect wedding dress. TB dress have all the bridal gowns you need. Every Bride deserves to be the only princess on their wedding day.


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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Get Dressy with MS Fairy

In today's Post let us talk about dresses. oh! Who doesn't love wearing dresses? Because I do!!! If you get to take a peek of my closet you will agree that I'am definitely a dress lady. Whatever the style is I am always drawn to it. Dress is the easiest wardrobe to wear and the lightest to pack when you travel.Laces and skater dresses are my favorite. That's why I am delighted to discover was one of the web's first online stores and has been helping the fashion-conscious look fabulous since 2014. Based in China, Msfairy offers the lastest street style dresses ,coats, boots &more. 

If you're tired of going out and finding someone else with the exact same outfit, or if you’re looking for a new, fresh look that nobody else has then you’re at the right place. We offer the latest (almost daily) in women’s fashion at a price you can afford.

these are my top picks:



Kim Kardashian Look

Monday, October 20, 2014

Dressy and Classy

Happy Monday lovelies hope everyone is getting along good today. I am actually expecting a manic Monday, but it turns out that it's not too frantic as I anticipated it to be, although I have to get a few errands like getting my passport and giving way to the post office before heading to work. It's sort of a searing weather today and I kinda feel groggy that is because I often sleep late these past days. But anyway, I am very excited that I finally get to post another outfit from OASAP. This Black and white contrast flare dress make me feel a little bit dressy yet classy. The truth is at first I was very hesitant to get this dress. But Thank God I did, because this dress is just sooooo perfect! the slit part is my favorite hahaha The irregular hem makes this dress rare. what do you guys think? 

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Costume Wigs

Happy Wednesday everyone Halloween is only round the nook. I can already feel the excitement in the air. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the twelvemonth. Just think of the parties, the horror pranks, the candies and yah my favorite part – dressing up!  And let’s admit it Halloween is the all inclusive fete . Although up to now I am still thinking of what I will be this Halloween. I’m thinking about becoming the corpse bride, the mistress of the haunted mansion, Disney princess,  a Japanese Anime, the black swan or just becomes my favorite Barbie.  And of course, part of the dress up is the wigs!!!! I just love them, don't you?  If you are someone who is still looking for incredible wigs to wear this Halloween then today is your lucky day because I am definitely gonna share with you my latest online wig  finds at Wigs Buy. 

Wigs buy is an online shop that offers buyer great quality costume wigs, these wigs are usually made of common synthetic hair while the costume wigs are made of resistant fiber. The good part is you can easily restyle your wigs in different hairstyles of your choice. Wigs buy is an online shop that offers buyer great quality costume wigs, these wigs are usually made of common synthetic hair while the costume wigs are made of resistant fiber. The good part is you can easily restyle your wigs in different hairstyles of your choice.  The wigs come in different sizes, color and style and it is very affordable. Let’s admit it nothing can add a zing to ones costumes than wigs! If you want to sport for a funky hippie look then choose the colorful wigs. Disney princess? No worries you can become snow white, Aurora, jasmine or any Disney princess your heart desires. Go for the flaming red and become the red villain you’ve always wanted. Wigs Buy can make your Halloween dream  look come true without adhering the fake hair look. Theirs look completely natural like real hairs. It will leave your friends wonder if it is real or not.

Here are my top choices:

Monday, October 13, 2014

Filtered Light

This post has been sitting in my drafts for days since I can't take OOTD post due to Typhoon VongFong. But finally heavy rainfalls have subsided last Sunday and as much as I wanted to be cheery, I can't, knowing that the super Typhoon is heading towards another country, my favorite - Japan. So, prayers for the safety of the people there. 

In case you may notice, I've been hoarding origami shorts lately. I am always drawn to it and this PU Culotte/origami short from OASAP had caught my eye the first time I laid my eyes on it. The short features a tulip overlay and back zipper made of PU material.I honestly say this is a perfect wear for cold/rainy days hahaha I paired it with this Bird print chiffon, still from Oasap. You Know, I've been an Oasap wearer for almost a year now and I was never disappointed with the quality of their products. I know Oasap is never new to anyone, Every fashion savvy knows Oasap. 


Short: HERE
1st Shoes: HERE
2nd Shoes: HERE
Bag and Watch: Gift from my cousin

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Origami skirt Giveaway

Counting down to Christmas also means more giveaway!!!!And this also serves as a gratitude for all the support you have given to me throughout the years. And tadaaa!!! 1 lucky winner will get to own this B&W origami skirt

Just don't forget to follow the mechanics below: 

End date: Oct. 31, 2014


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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Seeing things in stripes somehow gives a jolting thrill in my mind. You see, when you are in a battle of juggling time towards a  fast pacing world, it sometimes deteriorates your inner light, leaving  a gloomy shadow of desperation and while I'm smitten of filling up my closet with splashes of colors to remind me of how colorful that world is still, I can't close my eyes to this B&W backless dress from
 A Bad Day yeah, you heard the name A Bad Day, but it ain't gonna give you a dire day as the name oath to say but instead it's implying that if you are having a bad day then go shopping! Applause!! Ladies, we absolutely comprehend what it means. Shopping is our stress reliever. 

One thing I love about this dress is it gives you that sexy feel given the backless part. It is made with cotton blends so comfort is a yay! I know I can mix and match this dress with almost anything so I am sooo excited! This dress is very cheap but I am very satisfied with the quality!  

What do you think of this dress? 


Dress: HERE
Bag: Local Japan Store
Shoes: Local Philippine Store
Bowler Hat: Gift