Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cool Hoodies for Women

December is totally about getting cozy and if you are someone who doesn't wish to put on coats and prefer the hip and cool look then you should opt with hoodies. Then what is a hoodie? A hoodie is a sweater only with a hood, it’s actually a utilitarian garment  since it can be worn with almost anything. It is usually worn by students, but now it has become more popular and trending in the fashion runway. If you happen to read the wall street journal  it says that “The hoodie is having a fashion moment—one that may be long-lasting enough to make the garment a wardrobe staple.” True enough, there is no denying the  fact that hoodies are making its way in today’s world since it's breakthrough  during Medieval Europe where monks clothing include a long robe with hoods.

Ericdress hoodie collections defines the modern cool and hip style. If you are looking for the latest hoodie panache then you should pay Eric Dress a visit. They provideany kinds of hoodies that your heart desires.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fashion Handbags By TB Dress

Bags are considered  a staple in a woman’s wardrobe. They make an instant spark in a woman’s outfit. I am not a Bagaholic but I was deeply influenced by my grandmother and my mom who is a real lover of bags. Ever since I was a kid they’ve been collecting bags of different classes and styles.  When we were little my mom would often buy me and my sister this girly sling purse in different colors and with cute dolls faces on it.

Growing up bags has become one of my favorite things to collect. But they say to be a bag collector it means you have to spill extra money for it. True, Bags can be a luxurious hobby to collect if you aim for the brand and the quality. Good thing though that now a days we can get more bag collections at a cheaper price and of good quality. A good example of an online shop offering good quality bags is TB Dress. In their fashion handbag collections you can choose over different styles of bags.  Below are examples of the beautiful collections. 

All the handbags are manufactured elaborately and exquisitely. The materials are of the highest excellence, which definitely demonstrate your graceful and glamorous temperament every time. Leather handbags will never go out of fashion. Large-capacity functional bags are very practical whenever you need to carry more items. You can buy all these cheap fashion handbags from TB Dress. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Discount Evening Dresses 2015

If you are someone who often goes to evening parties or get invited to formal events it is essential to have a glamorous evening dress. An alluring and exquisitely luxurious looking evening gown that could boost one's confidence, but of course no one wants to spend over a thousand bucks evening dress right? That’s why it’s best to further look for less expensive alternatives  so here I am introducing to you  a much cheaper yet of high quality and classy substitute for a thousand dollars designer introducing 
 Discount Evening Dresses 2015 and Designer Evening Dreses by Wedding She

Wedding She offers not only fashionable outfits and wedding dress but also high quality evening gowns at an affordable price. Shopping at Wedding She offers you a wide selection of products where you can definitely have a lot of choices. The purchasing process is really quick and easy which by the way is really an important thing in an online shop and you also have a variety of payment selection. You can choose what you think is much more convenient to you. You can see their website yourself but below I'm sharing with you   some of my favorite eye popping evening gowns from Wedding She!!!! I always opted for a simple gown because they always give that classy appeal.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Cyber Monday Deals Week (Eric Dress)

December is probably the only month where discounts and sales are everywhere, Indeed, it's a jolly, merry month. For shoppers like us, times like this is a big time opportunity because we could get so many deals that means the lesser the price the more items we could buy. 

And since December is also a time of giving it's just great to be able to give many gifts as we could. And It's just great to start buying earlier to avoid the Christmas Shopping hustles.
Without further ado, here is another large deal from ERIC DRESS Starting on Dec. 1 up to Dec. 7  they will implement their  85%OFF discounts on their total collections!!!!

so what is Cyber Monday? we all hear about this every year! Cyber Monday is a marketing term initiated by marketing companies and also promoted by online retailers  to convince shoppers that shopping online could get them more deals! Truly, it does because who doesn't want discount deals right?  it's more economical and comforting to shop at the expediency of your home. 

 You can shop these items at ERIC DRESS with an 85% OFF discounts on DEC. 1- DEC.07, 2014 
From coats, to fashion clothes to bags to gowns. you'll kind it all at so be sure to check them out 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Laid Back in Plaid

My Thursday seems to be one of those unlucky days. Despite the fact that I am suffering from an agonizing lower back pain plus a slight fever I still decided to go to work because I never really like things clouding my mind. At work the first thing I did connects my phone to the computer so I could transfer some files that's been lagging my phone for a while. You see I am a big photo hoarder and I am not really the type who would delete stuffs after I uploaded it on my Facebook or Instagram. 

I love preserving memories on my phone and also because of the fact that every picture I took are also stash on my Coletto Diary so loosing it also feels like loosing a part of everyday memory. So imagine my horror when right in the middle of file, transfer it just stopped and when I try to revert it all files were gone, photos, videos, musics, everything. I feel bummed, but right there and then I had two options, it's either I let this bad moment spoil the rest of my day, which is  really bad for my health (yep too much stress wakes up your cancer cells) or just let it out and assure yourself that starting from zero again is not that bad. hahaha  
As for my outfit I channeled for a more simple laid back look I got this low back top from Ripples by Jenny and my sunglasses and sandals from OASAP which is very comfortable by the way. The plaid skirt is from my sisters closet. =)

and Yay! My first try on video lookbook. hahaha pls. bear with me I know it's not that great but I'll do better next time hahah =)

Hey dearies check this out! OASAP is having another big time sale! cool huh! so many beautiful outfits at stake. check it out now =) Don't forget to use the coupon code below upon check out.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

TB Dress Best Boxing Day Sale

Heads up everyone and cross off your calendars because Dec. 26, 2014 denotes the biggest sale events! and TB dress is more happy to proclaim that they will be taking part of it.  So what do you expect from this sale? Well, you can definitely expect a massive discount on selected items. And this is a rare opportunity because Boxing Dale Sales only happened every one time a twelvemonth!

So what is Boxing Day? boxing day is a public holiday celebrated on the first day after Christmas day in some part of the world were tradesmen would receive gifts also known as "Christmas Box" from their employers. It is also primarily known as a shopping holiday. Because it is this day were striking price reduction takes place! And it's the mega sales that we shoppers always looked up to agree?

You cannot miss this opportunity to get the new fashion and good quality women clothes and accessories at if you are looking for good quality and cheap women clothes, special occasion dresses, women dresses, women tops, women bottoms, bags, shoes, accessories or other items with big discount. TB Dress promise you will get more surprises at Tbdress Boxing Day sales. Don’t miss this event!

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cheap Hair Extension by Wigsbuy

Hair trends are always changing and sprouted another hair trend in the fashion industry  is the hair extension trends . So what are hair extensions? It’s the substitute for our gnawing wish for longer hairs! In other words, it is especially innovated to tote up one’s short hair.  The thing is Hair extensions can also help  fix those bad hair days. Just think of the different hairstyles we’ll have each day. 

At you will find all the latest styles in hair extension,  from long straight hair, mermaid waves or boho styles they have it all. They are a supplier of hair extensions for both wholesaler and retailers and the ship worldwide. 

Wigs buy is an online shop that offers buyer great quality costume wigs, these wigs are usually made of common synthetic hair while the costume wigs are made of resistant fiber. The good part is you can easily restyle your wigs in different hairstyles of your choice. Wigs buy is an online shop that offers buyer great quality costume wigs, these wigs are usually made of common synthetic hair while the costume wigs are made of resistant fiber. The good part is you can easily restyle your wigs in different hairstyles of your choice.  they have all kind of hair extensions too human hair extension, blond hair extensions, synthetic hair extensions, long hair extensions or if you opted for a more natural hair extensions, they too have that. 

And yay! latest update is that Wigs Buy offer up to 80% OFF discounts!